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If you're looking for a little more, our Standard Package is for you! You'll get more one-on-one time with our staff to make sure your site looks good and you know how to navigate the WordPress backend. We'll help you setup your first 5 pages and talk SEO and marketing strategy with you. We want your new blog to be as successful as possible so you're able to have your voice heard through the noise.

You don't need a big budget or backing from a Super PAC, make your own grassroots movement happen with your own website or blog today!

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$25.00 p/m subscription

What Liberty Websites Offers:


Keep your site secure from hack-attacks! We'll help set up your site with some of the best practices to prevent hacks. This will keep your site from falling victim to attacks as well as keep it fast and accessible.


Being able to be found on Google is a key ingredient to any successful website. We'll go over a few tips and tricks and have you setup with the best Search Engine Optimization in the biz.


Social Media is a great way to promote your work online but it can be a difficult game to succeed in. We have experts that can help you make sense of it all and point you in the right direction.